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Social media has been dragging me down. It has turned from a fun way to share my work and process into a constant pressure to always be documenting and sharing, and I'm always comparing my own progress to other artists and illustrators. With that said, I am stepping back from my Instagram account starting January 2022 - not deleting it, but I am giving myself permission to post and share less. BUT, I want to stay in touch with you, so I'm starting a quarterly (perhaps more frequent) e-newsletter. I can't commit to a blog, so this feels like a good way for us to stay connected. This is not a marketing email - I promise I'll never do that to you! 

I will share what's going on in the studio along with shows and events, new artwork, products, and all the fun things coming out of the studio! I hope these emails continue to nurture the friendships I've made on Instagram, and serve as a good alternative to the overly addicting world of social media.

If you're interested, enter your email to sign-up and please share with your friends! Much of my commissioned work comes from friends and friends-of-friends, so please pass this page along to anyone who might be interested in my work and watching my business grow. Emails will be sent quarterly, perhaps more frequently around holidays! 

- Cornelia